Eskom Rural Electrification

South Africa’s Eastern Cape has witnessed the connection of 35,000 households to the electricity grid over the past 11 months.

This widespread connection rollout forms part of state-owned power utility Eskom’s quest to achieve universal access by 2020.

Eskom drives rural electrification

The new connections in the Eastern Cape are mostly within the rural areas of the province that have never experienced electricity before. Read more...

Eskom group executive for distribution, Mongezi Ntsokolo, said in a statement on Friday: “We have intensified our implementation programme throughout the country, and we intend achieving an additional 15,000 new connections in the Eastern Cape before the end of the financial year on 31 March.

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Typical earthworks include roads, railway beds, causeways, dams, levees, canals, and berms. Other common earthworks are land grading to reconfigure the topography of a site, or to stabilize slopes.

Project Details

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